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A Letter to the Experts in Guangzhou

(Organization Department, CPC Guangzhou Committee)

Dear experts,

For the past few days, the Chinese people have been fighting against the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Progress was made and the policies are making an impact. However, the prevention and control remains challenging. Guangzhou Leadership Group Office for Talent Works once again extend our respect and cordial greetings to all of you, including all the experts who are on the frontline of prevention, control and treatment, and now we are sending this call-to-action letter. First, we recommend you to follow the instructions of the authorities and resume work. Make appropriate arrangements to minimize the adverse effects caused by the epidemic. Second, protect yourselves physically and psychologically, and block the possible transmission channels. Third, you are welcome to offer us your opinions and suggestions on how to fight the epidemic and ensure work safety(e-mail rcb@gz.gov.cn). Stay strong and let’s win this fight together! 

Guangzhou Leadership Group Office for Talent Works

(Feel free to contact us at  8355 4038/ 8351 7931)